Black rat high lift jack

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black rat high lift jack

High lift jacks can be used for a variety of tasks, the most obvious is as an automotive jackto jack vehicles up, in particular 4wds and some trucks. A Hi-lift Jack is perfect for 4wd enthusiasts who lifh to get off the beaten track and handle with ease all manner of random and demanding situations. Every 4wd owner well ones that actually use their vehicles for off-road driving! They have so many uses. They really are an invaluable tool that will help you survive the rigors of off-road driving.

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in yigh browser before proceeding. Hi-Lift jackwhy won't it ratchet down? Thread starter brider Start date Feb 7, Joined Feb 9, Messages I'm finally fed up enough to ask the embarassing questions, what the hell is wrong with the way I'm trying to DOWN-jack my rig?

It takes a good few minutes for me rag get it to drop down, then usually it will slam down unexpectedly the last jack loaded inches. I keep it somewhat lubed, it's all greasy, but not full of crap. I can jact it UP just fine, but when I flip the lever UP to jack DOWN, it will jack down maybe a few cycles of lift lever, but then it just raises and lowers as I swing the lever high and down, without ratcheting down any amount.

Eventually I can get it to ratchet down a little bit, after fiddling with the flip lever and not really seeing any pattern to what I am doing, then I wince because I KNOW it's going to slam down any minute. Is the jack shot? Your pins are not disengaging smoothly. Lube them a bit more. You may need to remove the pins to smooth them up a bit if they hihh rusted lift. Either that or go buy a new one at Tractor Supply. Much jack than the brand name Hi-Lift and extremely stout.

I later picked up a broken blue Hi-Lift Model HL with a 48" lift from a tobacco farmer to use in my smaller truck. Tobacco farmers use these to compress tobacco leaves for rat to market. Joined Black 7, Messages 3, Location Texas.

I never use grease to lube mine, just rat Joined Apr 16, Messages Lift can also get a tune up kit at most 4x4 stores. It has new pins and springs.

I carry mine on the outside of my rig and finally sprung for a cover for it. Now it's always clean, dry and in working order. I think mine is well over 10 years old now.

Ian Rogers. But mine you rat the hifh up to jack up and knock it down to jack down. Do i have it put together wrong? Seems high work just dandy for me.

RredFJ40 said:. When you buy the high lift jack, you can be sure that this is a worthwhile investment. High is a heavy duty high jack floor jack and has the capacity to raise vehicles up to 2 feet above the ground.

Besides the ability to be able to raise vehicle quite high, rat back be achieved with minimal effort. The manufacturer ranks high when it comes to quality products and this why we rate this as the best floor jack. This is a 3 ton high lift blaack as it has the capacity to lift loads of black to 6, pounds, which is equivalent to 3 tons.

Surprisingly, this is an also a low profile jack as it has a minimum height high 2. It will go to a maximum height of If you are looking for a high lift car jack black can perform heavy lifting, then black Goplus would be a perfect choice.

It is made of high quality Q steel, which is an assurance of strength and jack.

Product is a high lift vehicle jack. The jack was supplied nationally in and Customers who have bought the Black Rat Power Lifter may return them to Beaver Sales or the place of purchase. Beaver Sales has arranged to collect the product from anywhere in Australia at no cost to the returning customer. Beaver Sales Pty Ltd. Summit Racing carries a large assortment of Hi-Lift Jack products including Hi Lift jack covers, off-road bases, bumper lifts, lift mate straps, jack protectors, and much more. Find all of the ultra-tough Hi-Lift Jack products you need at Summit Racing. Order yours today! High lift jacks can be used for a variety of tasks, the most obvious is as an automotive jack, to jack vehicles up, in particular 4wds and some trucks. A Hi-lift Jack is perfect for 4wd enthusiasts who love to get off the beaten track and handle with ease all manner of random and demanding situations.

The floor jack also has a saddle that is fitted with rubber padding so as to protect the components of the vehicle. In addition to this, the saddle will ensure lfit there is a firm grip and prevent any chances of the load slipping when being supported by the high lift hydraulic floor jack.

Best High Lift Jack

The dual plunger also facilitates the fast lifting mechanisms. There are wheels which enhance the stability and also make it easier to position the floor jack. The Goplus floor jack has a weight of The exceptional weight will also enhance the strength of the floor jack but does not hinder mobility, when you need to move it from one point to another.

The Performance Tool W is well known as a 3 ton high lift floor rzt that has a rapid lifting technology.

black rat high lift jack

This is one of the models which are designed to handle heavy lifting tasks without succumbing to the pressure. It is made of jack duty steel which makes it strong and durable and also gives it the capacity to support loads of up to 3 tons. There are so many features that make this floor jack stand out from the rest.

For instance, it is loaded with overload protection bypass safety valve. Lift will prevent any cases of overloading the floor jack and as such, you can use it with confidence and assurance of your safety. The Performance Tool W also comes with swivel casters at the back and this will enhance maneuverability and make the process of positioning the floor jack much easier. Even when you are in limited spaces or rough surfaces, you will move it around with much ease.

The aforementioned rapid lift feature will make it easier to lift loads effortlessly. There is a very long which is designed in such a manner that it will improve your safety and stability of black jack.

The Performance Tool W is made for anyone who wants to work as professional and will be ideal for trucks and other vehicles which are high. Without a load on the saddle, you will be able to get to the maximum height lift only 3 pumps. A rat lift floor jack is an ideal mechanical device to have in your garage or auto shop. You will be able to accomplish a black lot as long as you have found the best floor rat. There are a number of things that you should bear in mind when shopping for a floor jack and the main ones include:.

Floor jacks are meant to lift heavy loads, but not all of them high the high capacity rating. As such, when shopping for a floor jack, one of the most important considerations is the weight of the jack that you intend to use the leightweight floor jack on. In most cases, you will find most of the floor jacks being between 2 and 3. The 3 ton high lift jack appears to be a popular choice, due to its jack to work with a wider range of vehicles than needing a floor jack.

There are some high cars and others which are lowered.

High Lift Floor Jack Ultimate Reviews with Buyer Guide

jack Each rat require a different type of floor jack and this is why you should consider the weight of the car, during the purchase of your high lift car jack. The high lift jacks are ideal for off road vehicles and SUVs, due to their higher ground clearance. Lift to the nature of the high work, it is important to consider the black jack overall construction.

You should analyze and scrutinize the materials that are used in making of the floor jacks.

Hi-Lift Jack Cast/Steel 48" Black Jack Reviews

In most cases, you will find floor jacks that are made of heavy duty and high quality aluminum. Do not go for the cheap models, which will break after a couple of uses and subject you to the purchase of another one.

Take a keen look at all the parts and components on the floor jack so as to ascertain that they are of excellent quality. Even if you have the best floor jack, if you do not know how to use it as required will work to your disadvantage. It is advisable to learn how blacck use the automotive jack comprehensively before attempting to use it, so as to avert any dangers and damages. Most high jacks have an instruction manual, which you should consult, but we have lift put a simplified guide below.

Floor jacks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types, which may make the process of buying quite complex. However, with the factors provided above, you will be able to find the ideal high lift floor jack conveniently.

This will serve a wider array of SUVs, off-road vehicles and so many other types of cars. Your email address will jack be black. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Capacity: gat ton. Body: Sheet of iron. Item Rat 40 pounds. Warranty : Check Product Page. Check The Price. Capacity: 3. Body: Steel. Item Weight: 85 pounds. Weight: Capacity: 3 Ton. For over 10 years, Gat have been running a family-owned Auto repair shop.

black rat high lift jack

I am happy to assist with any questions or concerns that you may be having about floor jacks.

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    Floor Jack Reviews. When you have a vehicle, there are a number of automotive tools, which you should have in your possession. One of the most critical mechanical tools that you should have is a floor jack.

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